Holistic Benefits


Accelerate Healing of Physical Trauma

Decrease Inflammation & Chronic Pain

Feel At Ease & "At Home" in Your Body

Increase Energy & Stamina

Develop a More Youthful Appearance


    Balance Mood Swings

  Increase Confidence, Assertiveness, & Self-Acceptance

  Resolve Trauma of Life Transition, Loss, Shock, Prolonged Grief, & (Sexual) Abuse

  Foster Joy, Harmony, and Contentment in Everyday Life


Increase Awareness, including Self-Awareness

Increase Focus, Clarity of Thought, & Ability to See the “Big Picture”  

Gain the Ability to Prioritize, Plan, and Organize More Efficiently  

Clear Dysfunctional Subconscious Programming


Enhance Sense of Life Purpose and Meaning (Inner Knowing)

Experience Skillful Living Spontaneously & Attract Enriching, Empowering Adventures

Deepen Personal Relationships and Promote Heart-Centered Communication

Foster Sense of Conscious Connectedness to All Living Beings

Peaceful Reconciliation of Current Lifetime while Transitioning to the Next Level of Reality

  "The 'path' comes into existence
 only when we observe it." 

~ Werner Heisenberg (German Physicist)
Colourful Path to the Top of Capulin Volcano, New Mexico
                                A Wellness Essence (WE) Session 

                             The Ultimate, Energetic, Preventative Medicine 

                                                           as well as

                           The Quantum & Cosmic Consciousness Opportunity 


                              Complete Natural Healing & Self-Actualization! 

                                            * * * * * *