My daughter (age 10) had been struggling to move on in her childhood.  She was slow in school, young in her play - more in common with much younger children than her peers.  I let her be where she needed to be in the world to be comfortable and happy.  And yet... I saw the things she was missing out on, too.  She struggled to tidy, she struggled to learn things that were age appropriate.  She was unhappy in play if others wanted to take too much control.  Her memory suffered, her relationship with siblings was strained.  The things one can easily forgive in a 5 year old are so much more trying when its the 10 year old, who really ought to know better!!

As a homeopathic practitioner myself, I had several times found a good match for her but nothing seemed to stick.  I really liked Carolyn, and thought she may be able to see beyond what the child can say, and intuition can tell me, and get to the root of all this for her.   Get her to a better place.

Carolyn clearly spent time preparing for our session, and I loved how easy it was.  She was able to get right to the heart of the matter as she was working in the energy fields, and it felt fantastic for my kiddo.  She was very calm for the session, and then a bit tired.  After being 'given' one bach flower essence she asked if we could just sit with that for a while.  Carolyn was so thoughtful in allowing her the quiet space she needed to relieve the grief it brought up for her( just have a good heartfelt cry in my arms!).   In the end the child felt very peaceful, content, sleepy, and at peace, and Carolyn finished the session. 

A week has gone by since then, and it is a much 'older' child we have with us now.  Cheerfully helping and busy around the house with her 10 year old things instead of the 5 and 8 year olds.  It is her absolute delight to help more, and take care of more, and step into more responsibility.  Her relationship with everyone in the family (2 younger and 3 older siblings) is much better.  There seems to be a comfortable welling up inside, a movement and a growth she has been lacking, and that she now revels in!  And thats just at a week!  Carolyn says it will be a couple more weeks before we see the full effects, and I can't wait.  I am so excited for her!  And so grateful to Carolyn for sharing her gift.  It truly is a lovely blossoming we are witnessing as the result.  I highly recommend - esp if you think you've tried everything.  This is something quite different - and deeply transformative.  My only regret is that our paths didn't cross sooner!

~ R. Hunter.    Indianalpolis, IN USA   Mother, Home Educator, and Homeopathic Practitioner


"FYI, I've not had a single episode of any pain or discomfort of any sort ... entering the fifth week since the accident! Besides aspirin and a session with you, nothing else was done. So thank you for your contribution to my well-being!"

~ Vanessa L.    Kapolei, HI USA   Entrepreneur


"Covid was 'good medicine', in light of my being aware to reach out and get help on the quantum level. As a result, a potentially negative and fearful encounter with covid, became a more positive; and, transformative experience for the whole family."

~ Amanda R.    Knights Ferry, CA USA   Registered Nurse


"I've had three sessions with Carolyn; and, it's hard to fully explain how much these sessions have impacted my life. Since my sessions with Carolyn, I've been able to drop deeply entrenched emotional wounds that had been causing me distress for over forty years. One particular incident was something that I thought about every day, multiple times a day; it was like a movie running on a continual loop in my mind. I'm happy to say that's no longer my reality: I have a deeper sense of calm, a more peaceful mind; and, a clearer sense of where I end and others begin. I'm so grateful to Carolyn for developing this wonderful healing modality!"

 ~ Shirley C.     Denver, CO  USA     Certified BodyTalk Practitioner 


  "OMG - so much has changed in my life since we last spoke never mind first spoke. Things are wonderful! I’ve been on a spiritual journey and it has been breathtaking to say the least!

Have I gotten out of this what I hoped for? No - I didn’t know what to hope for when we first spoke. I was lost and wondering. You have brought me so much more than I could have imagined; and, I can’t thank you enough for helping me move the smog that was clouding my world.
Thank you for everything you have done! You are an incredible soul and I am so blessed you were brought into my world! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Carolyn!"

~ Genevieve B. Whitby, ON Canada Wife and Mother


“Carolyn is an angel. She is genuinely concerned about people’s health and well-being. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and has helped me on my journey to get back to my authentic self. She went above and beyond to help me with my several health issues and took all the time necessary to help me without increasing costs. She uses her gifts for the greater good and is extremely successful due to this genuine mentality.

Within 9 days of having had my first WE Session with Carolyn, I needed to have blood work done for my oncologist to monitor my then current condition of smoldering multiple myeloma. The result revealed a drop in the M Spike protein. This had never occurred since the original diagnosis in Dec of 2017!"

 ~ Sally N.   Ajax, ON  Canada     Customer Care Case Manager


 Testimonial based on a WE Session facilitated for a 2 year-old boy on the day he fractured his femur (thigh bone) - immediately after the bone was set:

“Carolyn, Henry had an X-ray done last week and the doctor said she is amazed at how quickly he has healed! She said it doesn’t look like it was broken! He gets the cast off Dec 5th! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

~ Debbie S.   Hamilton, ON  Canada     Registered Nurse



"Thank you! I feel a big difference and many of the notes on the transcript deeply resonate with me. 

I especially feel the ones related to head trauma and concussions. I have had a few concussions in the past that effected me and my head feels incredibly different now. I also have a strong feeling of emotional relief.

I sent the payment on PayPal. Would it be possible to schedule another follow up appointment?

 I feel like it has been extremely helpful to my healing!"

~ Colin G.    Los Angeles, CA USA      Financial Analyst


~     "Hey Carolyn! I have had such a clearing of my head!  I am counting my blessings now instead of wallowing in mud I am able to see more clearly what I can do to improve my life and realize I have the resources to do it.  Also, I now know for sure that the pain in my neck due to tightness has to do with the way I am not coping with stress.  Go away for 4 days neck pain is gone.  Return home and face reality I could feel the tension rising and the pain was following.  I realize it will take a while but I am looking forward to completing the tasks before me and living my life to the fullest.  You and David were put in my life for a reason and I am grateful for this answered prayer! Thank You!"

~ Tim M.    Asheville, NC   USA        Contractor


~      "Carolyn is awesome! I am amazed at her depth of knowledge and skills that facilitate healingI am so grateful that  I crossed paths with Carolyn!"

~ Lisa S.    Winston-Salem, NC   USA         Licensed Massage Therapist


~    "After I moved to Japan, I started having breathing problems which I never experienced in Canada. I was diagnosed  with asthma and often had to use a puffer to deal with coughing fits.

 I decided to try Wellness Essence as a treatment option. 

        Carolyn completed my treatment session remotely from Canada while I was in Japan. During the session, I could feel a kind of pressure being released in my chest.

Since then, my symptoms have greatly reduced and asthma attacks do not trigger as easily.

It has been about four years since my session, and I enjoy a higher quality of life compared to before.

I am very grateful to Carolyn for facilitating my WE Session!"

~ Raymond A.  Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan             Assistant Operations Manager, Berlitz Japan Talent Growth Dept.


~  "Carolyn Marn’s energy treatment was the most esoterically sophisticated healing experience I’ve ever engaged in - one in which I felt myself to be wholly a participant as co-healer. 

Carolyn was a most gracious and compassionate catalyst who selflessly drew a symphony of restorative processes together,

 which led to healing on multiple levels simultaneously. 

The experience was something like an etheric door’s having been opened in a most gentle yet powerful way, 

with Carolyn’s compassionate and skilled approach inviting my full participation in 

an experience that was clearly coming from deeply within me;

 yet was, without her intervention, beyond my own reach.

  What surprised me was that my own will and my full cooperation with the treatment so quickly

 embraced - and was embraced by - the process; 

and, that I was effortlessly and delightedly swept up in it without resistance. 

 The symptoms which had been escalating over the previous nine years leading me to become almost voiceless at times,

 resolved gradually over the ensuing 10 days; and,

 I found myself with a full, strong, and clear voice forthe first time in many years. 

  What impressed and inspired me just as profoundly as the healing itself was how the brief, single session continued to unfold and draw other synchronistically-linked events and supports that wove themselves into deepening aspects of a most complete healing process. 

 As part of the process, my own sensitivities to all of this were boosted so that in each moment,

 I felt not that something was being done to me; but that, through the process, 

“I” was expanding to cooperate with increasingly subtle levels within myself and effectively becoming

 co-creator of restoring balance within my life. 

    I am enormously grateful that Carolyn’s unique gifts were available when needed to facilitate both a physical healing,

 as well as an expansion of my awareness of my “own” ability to invoke restorative balance and healing

 as an on-going process in my life.

    There is no question ringing anywhere in my being that the synchronistic drawing together of multiple adjunctive impacts on my health imbalance was an integral part of, and stirred into action through, Carolyn’s treatment."

   ~ Lee H.  Burnsville, NC  USA                     Retired Registered Nurse


~ "Working with Carolyn has been one of the most unique experiences I have ever had. Her work is on many subtle energetic levels - the results of which i have found to be exponential!

Since our session together, 18 months ago, my life has opened in so many beautiful ways; and,

while not all the opening was easy by any means, the results have been worth the effort!

My personal connection to myself and with life has strengthened overall, and

I continue to apply what i learned from working with her to this day.

I feel honored to have been able to experience her service to humanity."

~ Robert John Malone Highlands, NC USA www.SacredSoundServices.com


~  "Carolyn Marn, thank you so much for your help! I truly appreciate your knowledge and your willingness to share such a gift! 

I got Dermatomyositis back in 2013; and, even though I got it under remission, as a sequel,

 I was sick most of the time with low energy, fatigue, and spending most of my life sleeping late and going to bed early ...

 I had a lingering cough that lasted forever and no medication or home remedy would take it away. 

With only one long distance session, I was healed and my cough went away. I am not sick at all and 

I am actually beginning to work!   Thank you Carolyn!!!"

   ~ Blanca C.   Portland, OR  USA                  Registered Massage Therapist



~ "After the distance treatment last week I've had such wonderful taste experiences - not once but on multiple occasions!
Then, to top it off, I've had a sensation of tingling and burning in my olfactory passage.
It has been a pleasant experience,
possibly similar to what I tell patients nerve regeneration may feel like.
I'm very hopeful at this point.
I think that treatment has helped - actually I have no doubt it's the trigger because
I had a profound reaction to the treatment that was confirmed after the fact!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

~ Andrew P. Carmel, IN USA Registered Physiotherapist



~   "My back was feeling better yesterday – well enough to do a 5k run! 

 Now I am a bit sore from the run, but not too bad. 

 Thank  you for sending all of that positive energy my way!"

   ~ Cathy B.  Franklin, NC  USA                       Tax Software Upgrading Specialist



~  "Every so often, on the path of self healing, you meet just the right person at just the right time, and 
Carolyn is one of those people for me. Being a Highly Sensitive person, I can share that
My experience working with Carolyn was authentic, and it is still integrating into my life. 
Prior to our meeting, my emotional state was very easily disturbed by outside circumstances, and each day now, I find myself more grounded and less aloof. Many of the physical symptoms that I attributed to those disturbed emotions have resolved - such as sweaty hands & popping of the joints in my toes. 
I feel truly blessed to have met such a healer as Carolyn and to have learned so much from our meeting."  

   ~ Robert John Malone - Sacred Sound Services   Highlands, NC  USA   www.SacredSoundServices.com


~  "I want to thank you Carolyn for the session you have done for me upon my random request.I wasn't sure what you would come up with because there is so much I am not aware of. One thing for sure is you managed to connect me to parts of myself I either didn't know existed or that have been locked in secret places. What I take with me are the tools necessary to fulfill my purpose in this life! Thank you for assisting me during this wave. I will hold my head up high and ride it as hard as I can!" 

   ~ Vivian S.  Spokane, WA  USA                        Published Author            


~  "August 4, 2013, I was on the way out the door when my lumbar shot lightning bolts of pain across the sacrum area. My torso from the waist up was shifted to the left and I could hardly walk. It hurt to walk, stand and sit due to the pain. The only position that was comfortable was lying down. This took the pressure off the pelvis.

   August 5, 2013 I received a message from Carolyn Marn who read my post that I needed to get better for Tuesday to go back to work. Carolyn offered to do a WE  long distance healing for me. I accepted. She said she would start in 10 minutes. It took me sometime to stand up and I made it into the kitchen to get some water before I went to lie down to receive the treatment. As I stood hanging onto the sink, I knew Carolyn had started the session because my torso started to shift to the right and straighten up. WOW! I knew I was not meant to lie down for this session. This session lasted 15 – 30 minutes and I could feel the pain leaving the lumbar area. I did stand straighter and could walk better. I was excited because this was the 1st session of WE I had ever experienced. I slept well that night.  After a good sleep, I felt much better than the day before. I could walk better. I knew this session also worked on the fascia in the left QL area because I could feel the fascia unwinding on the left lumbar.

   Aug 7, 2013 I felt darn good.  I was straighter, in much less pain, and I could sit longer. Getting up from bed or a chair was much easier. Carolyn suggested a bath in Epsom salts and I did so - taking it very easy getting in and out of the tub.

   Aug 8, 2013 This was my first day to walk down 13 stairs and back up.

   Aug 11, 2013 a friend asked me to go out for a drive. I hesitated because of the sitting. I did accept and we went into the grocery store. I was forced to walk. This is the best therapy I did for myself because I got the joints and area loosened up more. I did not want to go home. My stride was longer and the pain was gone! The next day, Monday, and I went to work! 

   Thank-you Carolyn for this long distance healing. I would get this done again if needed. This WE system is great and I am so very thankful I had the chance to use this system for my healing."

   ~ Joan L Mailing   Brantford, ON   Canada   Registered Massage Therapist


~ "My name is Ian and I experienced a very dangerous medical obstacle as every, or most know of as a Pulmonary Embolism. 
To my doctor's awe and mine and others too, just a few days after the scan revealing the clots, they took another scan and the clots were completely gone, and, I owe this to Carolyn Marn's remote healing directly through consciousness healing.
 I truly am grateful for Lightworkers such as Carolyn; and, have faith that in the future, energetic/consciousness healers will be working hand in hand with the more common medical practice, and even eventually I believe deep in my heart that 
EVERY-thing will be done directly via consciousness. 

   ~ Ian S.  Seattle, WA  USA                              Barista


~ "The issues in my tissues I worked on with the Wellness Essence System were:
 Painful swelling in lower right leg (never had it before in my life) and a creeping back in of foods that may taste delicious, but wreak havoc on my body, mind, and spirit.
I had a session from Carolyn on Monday May 15th at 2 p.m. I am pleased to report as of this moment I am freaking FABULOUS!!!! Tuesday was kind of a weird day - woke up Wednesday and HIT THE GROUND RUNNING!!!!
 Eating 98% healthier, detoxing my butt off (literally) and feeling great ... swelling down, but still there ... all is VERY WELL."  

   ~ Doreen R.   Chicago, IL USA                         Certified BodyTalk Practitioner with Parama


~ "I have been blessed with the services of Carolyn, the founder of the Wellness Essence System!I was experiencing an exacerbation of Crohn's Disease and after one session felt an immediate improvement that steadily increased and still today feel the positive impact from the Wellness Essence System!" 

   ~ Debbie S.   Hamilton, ON  Canada                Registered Nurse, Manager of Nursing and Training Programs


Carolyn Marn - Founder of the Wellness Essence System
Carolyn Marn, HHP

"Our session with Carolyn Marn was such a positive and eye opening one. I had no idea what a profound difference an energy session could have, especially from afar. My 4 year old son was on the autistic spectrum and we had been cheering on his speech efforts for a few years now. We could see changes in our son the very next day and the shifting continued for days to come. I cannot tell you how exciting it was to have his unheard vocabulary begin to pour out. We had known for so long that he had so many things to say, and through this work, the flood gates were opened! His excitement at this expansion was matched by the curiosity to learn more. During that time, and after, I was able to keep in contact with Carolyn to ask questions and tell her of the developments. What a wonderful gift to our family she has become. I feel so fortunate to have access to her great work."

   ~ Nichols M. Asheville, NC  USA      Wife and Mother