Service #1: Wellness Essential - WE Session: 

Wellness Essential - WE Session is an Extraordinarily Streamlined  STATE-of-the-ART QUANTUM HEALING  Process!

          The 8 Main WE Session Benefits:

1. Constitutional Re-Alignment for Optimal Soul-Mind-Body Wellness

2. Soul Purpose Re-Alignment for Optimal Fulfillment in Life

3. Optimal Cellular Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging Effects

4. Optimal Chronic Illness & Chronic Pain Modulation (Cancer, Lyme Disease, Arthritis, Diabetes & Genetic Conditions)

5. Optimal Acute Illness & Injury Resolution (Infectious Diseases, Trauma, & Shock)

6. Optimal Life Transition Support (all rites of passage from pre-conception to death)

7. Optimal Resolution of "Unfinished Emotional Business", "Unfinished Past Life Trauma"; and/or "Transgenerational (DNA) Trauma" in order to get "Unstuck" and to "Release" Addictions.

8. Optimal Body Form Attainment & Maintenance 


The fee of $155 US, for the first comprehensive WE Session 
(60 - 90 Minutes), includes the taking of pertinent medical & life history. The fee for Subsequent WE Sessions is $95 US (45 - 60 Minutes)

Service #2: Holistic Health Consultations

A Holistic Health Consultation can encompass a very wide range of wellness issues such as customized personal nutrition, fitness, personalized & specific nutritional supplement plan, nutraceuticals, sleep, water consumption, conflict resolution, stress management, relationships, fertility, (chronic) pain relief, and optimal therapy/practitioner recommendations.

Carolyn Marn, HHP, has studied and practiced Psychology, Wellness & Lifestyle Management, Patient Care, Professional Ethics, Interpersonal Communication, Nutrition, Quantum Healing, Quantum Physics, Homeopathy, Brain Gym, Osteodouce, Aromatherapy, Astrology, Ayurveda, Electroherbalism, German New Medicine (Hamer Medicine), Auriculotherapy, Colour Therapy, Crystals/Gemstones, Usui Reiki, Massage, Integrated Energy Therapy, Advanced BodyTalk, BodyTalk for Animals, Linking Awareness, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Various Additional Spiritual Approaches to Spirit-Mind-Body Wellness. From 2010 until present, she founded and has developed the Wellness Essential -WE Algorithm. In November 2016, Carolyn completed a Bachelor of Holistic Health Sciences & obtained Certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She became a Certified Brain Health Professional through Amen Clinics in July 2019.

As far as life experience is concerned, Carolyn has weathered many transformative experiences including: surviving prolonged life-threatening illness as a child; serving on a jury in a criminal case; running for federal public office; experiencing natural & induced, home & hospital childbirth; parenting 3 gifted children; navigating 2 amicable divorces; serving in the conventional medical vocation of nuclear medicine technology for 24 years; navigating mid-life issues including Kundalini Awakening, Uranus Opposition, Chiron Return & 2nd Saturn Return; immigrating to the USA from Canada; being present & vigilant with both parents as they departed their earthly bodies; and, attending a couple of week-long silent retreats with Adyashanti.

Fee: $155 US (60-90 Minutes)

Service #3: Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) Product Sales and Instruction for Optimal Use:

The foundational cellular healing power of PEMF therapy has helped many people with conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, post-stroke recovery, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, and many more conditions and diseases.

Resonating Wellness will be happy to answer your questions both before and after you purchase your PEMF product from PEMF Supply. We have compared similar products from other companies, many with MLM or network marketing structures; and, have determined the Vasindux PEMF Products to be the best overall, at the most affordable prices!

Pets also benefit greatly from PEMF therapy, as they are often absorbing deleterious energies from their owners and "dirty" electromagetic energy from the environment. 

        Ordering is simple. Please click on the following link:


PEMF Therapy works at the 1st and 4th levels of Quantum Healing - Preparation and Manifestation, respectively. PEMF Therapy is a safe, effective, integral part of a foundational wellness routine. It helps to restore and maintain your vital Resonance with the Earth's Electromagnetic Energy that typically becomes degraded as we age, use cell phones, wifi, microwaves, and the like. PEMF Therapy is also a safe, effective, affordable option for chronic pain relief, treatment of degenerative conditions, and palliative management of conditions that are not responding well enough to various forms of natural and/or conventional therapy.

Contraindications to PEMF Therapy include: Pacemakers & Other Electronic Implants, Cochlear Implants, Mechanical Heart Valves, Organ Transplants, Immunosuppressive Therapy, Pregnancy, Epilepsy, non-MRI safe IUD's, and Bleeding Conditions.

Note: If you are unable to lie on your back on a firm surface, the Vasindux PEMF mat may be placed over you as you sit or lie comfortably in your favourite spot.


 A non-refundable deposit of $55 US is required of new clients at time of booking. Payment in full is due at time of service. Payment must be made through one of the following:

WISE, Cash App, 
Zelle (USA only), or
 Interac etransfer (Canada only)

You may reschedule your appointment, 
without financial penalty,
 provided 24 hours notice is given.
Late Cancellation fee is $55 US (Forfeit of Deposit)


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